About Patidess

Patidess is a full-service supplier of a wide range of products and ingredients for the home baking market. We supply sprinkles, baking mixes, fondant and glazes, natural concentrated flavours, chocolate, coloured coating drops (non-temp) and various baking ingredients. We can provide you with our very own label Patidess but also a 100% unique private label at wish. We have a wide variety of packaging on stock, such as PET-jars, buckets and (paper) bags. The weight can vary between 40g and 5000g or even higher at wish. Matching labels are printed in-house on a ‘near-offset quality’. No need for you to have large quantities of printed labels on stock. We take care!


Sprinkles - sugar decorations

We have a huge assortment of sprinkles available for decorating cakes, cupcakes or cake pops in different ways. Nonpareils, sugar pearls hard or soft in various sizes, coloured sugars, sugar shapes, grain sugars, etc.

Glazes and fondant

Glazes; a cold gel to mirror your creations, available in various colours. Liquid white fondant; to make glazed cupcakes in no time.


Ideal for giving Bavarian creams, buttercreams, batter or cake fillings a delicious flavour. More than 40 flavours; fruit (strawberry, raspberry, lemon, etc.) and ’classic’ (vanilla, tiramisu, mocca, etc.).


Essential for diverse purposes: to make delicious chocolate layers, for pieces of chocolate in cookies, cupcakes or muffins etc. Bitter, milk, white. Chunks, drops, melts.

Coloured coating drops

Melts in different colours, suitable for glazing cookies, cake pops or cupcakes. Various natural colours, easy to melt.

Baking ingredients

A variety of baking ingredients for multiple purposes, suitable as stabilizer, binder or rising. Baking soda, agar agar, egg white powder, etc.

Baking mixes

Different mixes with which you can easily make delicious cakes. Cupcakes, sponge cake, buttercream - you name it.


Each of our products is packaged in its very own container. Whether it is a jar, box, pouch or bucket, every package is yours unique.

Food Safety

Gelatti BV / Patidess meets all requirements for the food safety standard FSSC 22000.

This accreditation offers our customers and suppliers the certainty that we work according to a sound and internationally recognized food safety and quality management system. The food safety standards are guaranteed through periodic audits. In addition, the standard indicates that we are constantly working to improve our processes and performance.




Gelatti BV / Patidess
Textielstraat 18
7575 CA Oldenzaal
The Netherlands

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